RQT Leadership Development

The Northern Alliance’s ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ Programme is an Alliance-led programme which aims to identify future potential leaders as part of a wider talent management plan.

The programme has been designed to help bridge the gap to middle leadership.

The programme consists of:

Day 1: An Introduction to Middle Leadership

  • A look at leadership in the current educational landscape.
  • Theoretical Models to effective leadership
  • Workplace communication for effective leadership and managing difficult conversations

Day 2: Leadership in another Context

A vital part of the programme has been designed to give participants the opportunity to work with leaders outside their current school and to experience leadership learning and culture in a different environment. Each participating teacher will be paired up with another RQT in their locality and the paired teachers have been asked to facilitate a one-day visit to each other’s schools.

Day 3: Resilience and Leadership

  • Building resilience for leadership (all delegates will complete the MTQ 48 Mental Toughness questionnaire)
  • Leadership and influencing styles
  • The work life balance
  • Preparing for Middle Leadership Interviews (questions and data tasks)

For more information on this programme please email svl@blue-coat.org