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Ski Trip 2018

The annual ski trip returned this year from Kitzbühel with 92 students experiencing a trip of a lifetime in the home of skiing. The trip to the famous Austrian resort was a huge success with pupils from Years 9, 10, 11 and Upper 6th form taking to the pistes over the February half term. The snow conditions in resort were the best in 15 years, allowing for the 212 km system to be open for the whole week. Students started the week in the beginner Kitzbüheler Horn ski area, where some experienced their first taste of skiing on snow, with others regaining their ‘ski legs’ ready for the more challenging runs in the week ahead. Having being spoilt with the snow conditions, ski technique and confidence grew at a rapid rate. Students were pushing themselves beyond all expectations to get better every day. By the end of the week all students were skiing in the main Kitzbühel area, with some even making it down what is considered to be the most challenging downhill slope in the world; the Streif!

The behaviour and attitude of students, both on and off the slopes, was exemplary, allowing for everyone to enjoy the whole experience. All in all, it was a fantastic trip that will long live in the memories of everybody that went!


Blue Coat (with the help of Mayfield) triumphs in the annual baton relay

On Tuesday 18th July 2017, a group of four Blue Coat students were selected to take part in an inter school relay event across Oldham. The event was simple in design yet incredibly powerful in practice. Schools across the local borough chose a team of four who would carry a baton each for approximately a mile before passing on to the next school (Olympic torch style). The event went on all day! Representing Blue Coat was Jack Payton, Connor Chadderton, Edward Anchor and Patrick McGuinness. This is how it panned out:

At 10:00am, we headed down to the front gate to await our incoming runners. We stood by the front gate, assuming that this was the changeover point (rather than the back of the school!). 10:05am, no sign of anybody. We also were not 100% sure which direction they would be coming from. 10:10am, you could feel the tension building… 10:15am, by this point we had somebody looking in each direction. Then, at 10:20am a group of primary school students blasted around the corner accompanied by a marshal booming out music on a bike!! After a quick pit stop for a changeover photograph, we were away. Taking due care and attention on the road crossings, we pelted down towards Derker. The pace was blistering, as was the heat of the sun. And barely 7 minutes later, just as people’s stamina was beginning to wane, we turned a corner (encouraged round the bend by family members and local neighbours who were there to cheer everybody on); we were met with what appeared to be the entire Mayfield Primary School!! The roar of the Mayfield crowd was the spark which ignited a lightning-quick sprint finish from our boys.

With a short pause to regain our breath and complete the obligatory changeover photograph, the marshal asked us whether we fancied joining the primary school for the next leg of the journey. We took a look at the time – well aware that break time and then Period 3 was rapidly approaching – then we looked at the guard of honour Mayfield had created down the pavement – and off we went…..

World Champion Inline Skater visits Blue Coat!

This Girl Can

Congratulations to our ‘This Girl Can’ group for taking part in a number of workshops lead by a World Champion Inline Skater, Jenna Downing. The students learnt about the importance of dedication, resilience and challenge through Jenna’s own personal story to success. This was then tested through a variety of team building activities and a practical skating session. We fell, we fell, and we fell again, but every girl dusted off their knees and got straight back up and tried again. All of the girls stepped outside their comfort zones, faced their fears and learnt the value of having a go and not giving up! Well done to all of the girls who were involved. We hope to welcome Jenna Downing back to our school in the summer term.






Mosque Visit

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Swimming Gala 2019

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