Online Reporting

E-Portal is the schools online reporting system, below details information and frequently asked questions on this provision:

What is ePortal?

ePortal is a management information system already used by teachers at Blue Coat School to help in the care and education of children.  It allows teachers and support staff to view information on such things as pupil attendance, progress, behaviour and timetable.

How will I access ePortal?

You will be able to access ePortal via a web browser, by the Links menu on the School website or following this link :

What will I be able to see?

You will be able to see such things as your child’s timetable; their attendance over the school year to date; progress grades in certain subjects and positive and negative behaviour events.  We will be adding extra features as the system continues to grow.

Is the system secure?

Putting personal information about children online raises understandable concerns.  ePortal is an established system used by schools worldwide, any data transmitted is thoroughly encrypted.  Obviously, parents will have a responsibility to keep their passwords secure.

Is ePortal intended to replace current systems?
No!  ePortal is intended to be a supplement to our current systems, providing information that parents may find useful as they support their children.

The school will continue to contact parents as appropriate, we would ask parents to continue to contact the school via the switchboard  (0161 624 1484) in the first instance.

E-Portal Online Reporting Guidance

If you have any further questions about online reporting please contact the Data Team on 0161 624 1484.



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